Who I am. Why I write.


A young Mom to Evangeline and Judah, who is deeply in love with my husband, Jason. 

I met Jason when I was not quite 19 years old, I’m lucky enough to have grown into adulthood with him by my side. Spending our first year of marriage abroad, in a foreign country whose language we did not speak, really set the stage for our marriage. I love spending so much of my time with him. He is and will always be, my Steady Eddie.


At 23 my heart exploded when I first met eyes with Eve. Beautiful, smart, funny, sensitive. She changed my world forever .

When I became pregnant with Judah my heart beat different knowing I would have a son. I was pregnant over a month longer with him than Eve and my heart ached to meet him. The pain of delivering a ten pound baby paled in comparison to the joy and relief when I finally had him in my arms. He is happy, sweet, blonde and very, very, big.


Alongside with Mama and Wife, I love playing the role of Daughter, Sister and friend. The moments in between spending time with the ones I love I can usually be found on a treadmill, reading, (memoirs currently) spending time outside, writing, or eating dark chocolate.

I find much purpose and joy in intentionally creating a home for my family. From tucking the sheets in tight to a well stocked craft cupboard, homemaking has given me a creative stage I haven’t experienced before. Being a Mom who spends her days with her children is a gift I had been asking for, long before womanhood and one I am grateful for.


Figuring out new ways to engage a busy toddler as I try to calm the baby on my hip has given me confidence to pursue creativity in other areas, such as writing, which I have always been passionate about. As a new creation, I feel closer to my creator when I write 

My intent is that my words about the love I have for my family, my hope amidst struggle and doubt, and the faith I have in a man named Jesus can be used as a vehicle for others in connecting thoughts to feelings.

I write with the intention of watching my words, but even more so, my heart. For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. 

Thankful for your time


Photos taken by : Eric Ballard Photography